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Morley Bright INST-A-TECTOR Watermark Detector is quick and easy to use to see what watermark the stamp has. Using the fractional differences in thickness of the watermarked section of the stamp by using slight thumb pressure the stamps watermark appears in the special sealed ink sachet. The Morley Bright system uses the fractional difference between watermarked areas of the stamp and the remaining area to show relief when the ink in the sealed sachet is dispersed by pressure leaving ‘tell tale’ watermark traces. Place stamp face down in unit close and apply pressure using thumbs to reveal watermark. When the unit is closed the special ‘ink’ within the sachet will flow into the watermarked section of the stamp, allowing you to clearly see the design of the watermark, whether its inverted, the position of crowns and scripts and other important watermark features. Can also be used on recess printed stamps, simply place the extra foil supplied with the detector underneath the stamp this helps to soak up the ridges on the stamp aiding detection. When first using the detector try it on a stamp that you know what the waternark design is – this will help you appreciate what you should be looking for when you are looking for those harder to detect watermarks. Because no fluid comes into contact with the stamp, no batteries are required and the Inst-a-Tector fits neatly into your pocket, this is one of the best selling watermark detectors on the market. The Detector, Slip Case and outer box is shown in the photo.

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